Trial directed by instinct

STONE MARKET's instinct tells us
that life with stones will create coming days for you in the future.

Since STONE MARKET was born to this world in 1994, our corporate vector has aimed at a direction beyond mere business.  We propose a lifestyle with stones for creating a new perspective of the world at large.  We have evolved into a company with a strong and unchanging spirit that brings a breath of fresh air to all of our activities.

We have a basically global philosophy.

STONE MARKET always chases global standards in our strategy as well as the LOC of our staff and quality of our goods.  This unique philosophy is naturally cultivated as we pursue quality stones and good business partners.  Our unique philosophy will be a tool in the further development of our business in the world.

STONE MARKET transmits a new culture "Life with Stones"

STONE MARKET focuses on proposing a culture of “Everyday Life with Stones” as well as on expanding our business.  We transmit the concept that “A stone can change your life into a positive & fashionable one” to the whole world with our ultimate wisdom and energy.

We leave our footprints of love on earth as we create a world
where dreams are fostered.

As we looked around the world to develop our business, we often saw people leading difficult lives and living in horrible environments.  STONE MARKET decided to start activities to further enrich everyone’s life in the world through business using stones.  We are also engaged in social action work to foster children’s dreams by selling stone accessories.

Genuine stones/accessories-related business

We convey the splendor of stones to create and develop "Stone Culture."

Our business of genuine stones and accessories forms the core of STONE MARKET.  Established by our first STONE MARKET shop opened in 1994, we have opened many shops all over in Japan and overseas.   We buy, process, import, distribute and sell stones all by ourselves, for we would like our customers to know further about their wonderful nature.  What we aim at is to realize high-quality and reasonable goods.

Our mission is to share the word
about the power of stones throughout the world.

Led by President Taijiro Nakamura, our staff are tirelessly working worldwide every day.  We are developing our business on a global scale as we buy gem stones from all over the world, and operate overseas stores.  We are also interacting with celebrities in each country so that we can together transmit the energy and splendor of stones to the whole world.  We keep pursuing possibilities originating from a stone.

Social action work

We believe in happiness starting from a stone

We were also reminded of the severe environment and hard life of people in the developing countries while visiting stone-producing nations.  Therefore, STONE MARKET has made a corporate effort to directly import stones without any importer so that as much of the income as possible from our purchase can be given back to the stone producers.  Our approach is very appreciated.  We have established a good relationship with the producers, which is allowing us to develop our own procurement channels.

We would like the children in the world
to know the pleasure of learning

STONE MARKET is implementing "Happy Power Stone" activity to reduce the number of children kept from formal schooling in the world as much as possible. The profit gained from the accessory sales of "Happy Power Stone" activity is to be spent for building and running schools to make children all over the world smile.